Leakage Find & Fix

Case Study Details

The issue

Aquaforce were asked to investigate after Asda’s facilities management company CITY FM with whom Aquaforce have a long standing working relationship with supporting them across the entire UK noticed a spike in the stores consumption through one of their data loggers, a leakage technician from Aquaforce was despatched to site in order to Account for the increased water usage.

Upon arrival and after monitoring consumption via the external water meter our technician quickly isolated the incoming mains supply, it then became apparent that the supply had an external water leak between the meter and the point of entry of 16.6 litres per minute (996 litres per hour).

The Approach

Although a leak had been identified on the water supply there was no physical evidence of this, the supply ran from the footpath and through a pedestrian walkway and across a busy service road to the store.

A correlator was deployed initially in order to pinpoint the leak but on this occasion the sophisticated equipment proved inconclusive, the supply was found to be MDPE plastic at the point of entry and the exact line of supply could not be traced our technician decided that the detection would need to be carried out at night where traditional acoustic sounding equipment could be utilised after the store had closed ,  we then returned to site later that day and pinpointed the leak using a ground microphone in the service road itself.

The response

A team from Aquaforce were them mobilised, site-specific RAMS (Risk and method statement) were provided to the client. Traffic management along with a 3t excavator was sent to the site as a matter of urgency, the team then carried out the excavation where the technician had marked to find the water leak on a 50 mm compression nut, this was then repaired using appropriate fittings.

Same day backfill and reinstatement was then carried out, spoil cleared and traffic management removed to restore unrestricted access in and out of the busy store.

Case Study in Numbers

leakage flow rate (litres per hour)
Volumetric saving (per annum)
0 m3
Financial saving (per annum)
£ 0