Caravan and motorhome (Brighton)

Find & Fix

Case Study Details

The issue

Aquaforce were approached, during the height of the Holiday season by the water retailer for the caravan club to investigate a sudden surge in consumption, a leakage technician from Aquaforce was quickly despatched to site in order to account for the increase in water usage.

Upon arrival it became apparent that the water supply that spanned a huge area of the site had a severe leak of around 4200 litres per hour, this was determined by comparing meter consumption over a 5 minute period against normal consumption for the time of year.

The Approach

Although a large leak was evident on the water network, there was no physical evidence of a leak showing, due to the nature of the site, the mains pipework encompassed the whole of the site with legs off the mains supply feeding individual caravan plots, the pipework was also found to be plastic which meant tracing the route of the supply would be difficult.

Traditional acoustic methods were utilised in order to pinpoint the leak which was found to be approx. 200 metres away from the main meter on the mains supply running towards the shower block at the side of the main access road.

The response

A team from Aquaforce were them mobilised as a matter of urgency, the area which was marked prior to them arriving was then excavated using a mechanical excavator, the leak was found to be on a 63mm Plastic Philmac Tee which had split, this was replaced with a new fitting, the excavated area was backfilled and reinstated same day., a meter reading was taken and submitted to the water company along with a comprehensive written report which allowed the customer to apply for a leakage allowance.

Case Study in Numbers

leakage flow rate (litres per hour)
Volumetric saving (per annum)
0 m3
Financial saving (per annum)
£ 0
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