Tesco Extra - Coventry

Leakage Find & Fix

Case Study Details

The issue

Aquaforce were approached by the water retailer to investigate a potential water leak on the site due to an increase in water consumption levels identified by a data logger attached to the stores main water meter, Previous attempts by other contractors had failed to resolve the issue.

Arrangements were made for Aquaforce to send out one of their most experienced leakage technicians with a wealth of industry experience to visit site and conduct leakage detection to either pinpoint a leak on the supply pipe or identify potential reasons for the increase in water.

The Approach

Appropriate RAMS (Risk and method statement) were sent to the customer prior to arrival. Once on site our engineer located the main water meter, sited on the public footpath some distance from the store itself. The meter was found to be recording consumption at a flow rate of 60 litres per minute. As the visit was during the day we had to identify what was legitimate consumption and what was potential leakage. The internal stop tap was turned off for a few seconds which slowed the consumption down slightly to leave consumption recording at 49 litres per minute or almost 1m3 per hour. We then proved that the fuel station supply was also connected to the main meter. This was turned off internally but made no difference to the flow rate.

The response

Due to the pipework being plastic (MDPE) the route of supply could not be proved, traditional acoustic sounding equipment also proved to be ineffective mainly due to traffic flow in and out of car park

As the leak volume was very high but no physical evidence apparent we decided to lift all manholes around the car park as we suspected that the large volume of water would have to be running direct to waste and therefore be evident somewhere

We eventually discovered the actual leak under a manhole cover in the car park. This was swiftly repaired by our leakage technician whilst on site.

Once repaired the meter was inspected and consumption had been reduced to a negligible amount. The store internal stop tap was then turned off once more momentarily and the meter then found to be stationary.

Case Study in Numbers

leakage flow rate (litres per hour)
Volumetric saving (per annum)
0 m3
Financial saving (per annum)
£ 0