How to check for leaks

Have you got a leak?

...You might have a leak!

That’s why we’ve put together these handy tips for you to carry out yourself to help you find out if there’s an issue on your site or at your home.

Check your bill and meter readings.

Make sure you check your bill. If you’ve had a few estimated meter readings there may have been issues in the periods between the estimated and actual meter readings. Your current reading might also be an estimate, if it is it might have been over-estimated (based on historic consumption). You can check to see if the reading is accurate by locating the meter serving your property. Firstly make sure you check that the meter serial number on your bill matches the serial number on your meter. Check that the reading on your water bill is similar to the reading on your water meter – this will eliminate the possibility of an incorrect meter reading. While you’re there make sure you make a note of the reading as it can help us to determine if there’s an issue or not.

Check your meter.

What are you looking for? If the meter starts and completely stops, or if it’s completely still it’s highly unlikely that you have a leak. If the meter is constantly moving then you might have an issue, especially if you don’t think there should be any water being used at that time.

Check your water using devices, fixtures and fittings

Make sure you check that all of your water using devices, fixtures and fittings are working properly.

    • Are your taps constantly running or dripping?Have you made sure that all of your water using devices (toilets, urinals etc) are working correctly?
    • Are your cistern controllers malfunctioning and causing your cisterns to constantly flush?
    • Do you have any faulty equipment?

These are all good places to start to look for any extra water consumption. It’s important to check that your devices, fixtures and fittings are working properly, as no matter how insignificant these can appear they can drastically affect your water consumption, leading to an increased water bill.

My fittings are fine, what's next?

If your fittings are watertight, nobody was using the facilities or fittings but your meter was still turning, then you need to identify what the issue might be. This stage will be a process of elimination.

When it’s appropriate to do so, isolate the water supply to your property internally. There’s usually a stop-tap or valve to isolate the incoming water as the water supply enters the building. The only thing that should be ‘live’ now is the underground supply of water from the meter, typically at the boundary of your site, up to the point that you’ve just isolated.

We suggest waiting 15 minutes before checking the meter again. If the dials on the meter have stopped, you potentially have an issue inside the building you’ve just isolated. If this is the case we would advise that you employ the services of a registered plumber. We offer internal plumbing services should this be required.

If the meter is still turning, then you potentially have a leak on the underground supply pipe that feeds the property you’ve just isolated.

The tests I’ve carried out suggest that the issue is on the supply feeding my property

If you’ve carried out the tests and think you might have an issue on the supply pipe feeding your property then we can help.

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