NO Dig meter installs and more!





A metered supply is achieved in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost

Aquaforce are pioneers of water industry innovation, that is why are very proud to have helped to develop the Stoptap adaptor. A no-dig solution for converting a traditional stoptap into a manifold assembly capable of accepting a water meter. It is the pinnacle of;

As the foremost authority on the deployment and installation of the Stoptap adaptor, Aquaforce  have partnered water companies across the UK to deliver both install programmes and technical training, empowering specialist technicians to deliver the unparallelled benefits of this innovation.


Water companies are understandably keen for customers who currently pay for their unmeasured water consumption (generally on mechanisms such as rateable value) to migrate to a water meter. Not only does it accurately record the amount of water being used for billing purposes, but it also highlights any instances of leakage, which would have otherwise gone unnoticed. Similarly, as customers, themselves, become more environmentally and financially conscious of their water consumption, they too are increasingly seeing the benefits of installing a water meter – paying only for what they use.  

With this in mind, the water industry is seeing a huge uptake on customer applications for Domestic Meter Options (DMOs). Quite often these properties are of an age where their water supply predates modern fittings, relying solely on a standard stoptap outside the property, to control the flow of water. 

Traditionally a meter installation would require the inconvenience and expense of excavation to expose the pipework, in order to fit a meter or manifold assembly. 



When expertly deployed by Aquaforce, the stoptap adaptor can eliminate the need for any excavation.

A metered supply is achieved in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost, with barely any interruption to supply and none of the inconvenience.